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Welcome to Kasier Sports

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Kasier Sports is the Leather Garments, Gloves Manufacturing Company established in 1993 and now become leading Quality Products Manufacturing Company with its Commitments to Excellence.

Having genuine passion of manufacturing, we have traveled almost a  decade on the road of experience. Our shrewd management, committed and dedicated professionals are elements behind our success story. Standardized manufacturing processes are our main routes to our global recognition.

Our skillful workers are make sure that quality is maintained and each and every step of manufacturing. We are also in process of getting Quality Management System and that will be another benchmark of our Quality.

We proudly represent all products and strongly committed to full compliance with global human rights and labor standards as related to the manufacturing of all materials used in the production of our products. All products are manufactured according to the standardized pattern. Material used in manufacturing of our products is pre-tested conforming to international standards. We ensure there is NO misstatement that any of our materials or products are made in whole or in part using
any Child Labor or forced prison labor.

Customer satisfaction has been our prime desire since our existence. Our ever-growing satisfied customers are the evidence of our quality-oriented policies. At KASIER SPORTS what we value more is the Customer Satisfaction, our Customer Care Department is always seeking to make our Customers feel Great.

Due to above qualities, today KASIER SPORTS has reached its success, which of course is dedicated to its hard working Employees Marketing and Management expertise.

As an infinite range of Leather Apparels & Gloves , we tried to put the most common range in our web site. However if some articles are missing or if you require any specific design we will be glad to hear from you in order to manufacture them for you.

Thanks for your time and interest in We will continue to do the best we can for the years to come.

Best Regards,
Management (KASIER SPORTS)

28/07/2008 Our new web site has launched with new features, attractive design and userfriendly interface.

28/07/2008 Have a shopping with us. We always promote our customers. Send your valueable comments about our services. [Director]

01/08/2008 Kasier has confirmed that Steve Mercer will be riding in Halo Leathers and Gloves in the 2008 Bennett’s British Superbikes.
Following the highly succ....

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